Young Yankee fan wins Pitch, Hit, and Run Gold Medal

Eight year old Dylan Verschleiser, a life-long Yankee fan, won the gold medal in the sectionals in the MLB/Aquafina Pitch, Hit and Run competition for his age group (7-8) yesterday held in Lebanon, NJ.  He might also qualify for the regionals in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park (where the Phillies play).  Only the gold medalists with the 8 highest scores in the state (New Jersey) will qualify to advance to Philadelphia. Qualifiers will be announced as soon as all the sectional competitions have been held and the scores tallied. The winners in Philly get to compete against winners from across the USA in Anaheim during MLB All-Star week!

Contestants compete within their age group and are judged in pitching, hitting, and running.  From a distance of 45 feet, Dylan was able to throw 5 out of 6 pitches for strikes.  He also won the hitting competition, and did well in the running portion as well.

Dylan was also thrilled to obtain the autograph of former pitcher and current Yankee announcer Al Leiter.  Mr. Leiter was on hand to support a family member involved in the competition, and was nice enough to sign Dylan’s mitt.  Dylan recognized him from Yes Network broadcasts.

The competition is open to boys and girls aged 7 through 14.  (Boys and girls compete separately.)


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