Bye-Bye Johnny, Hello Randy

The rumors are flying, but this one appears to be for real.  Apparently the Yankees just can’t afford Johnny Damon any longer.  Yes, it’s true.  There is no longer a bottomless money pit in the Bronx, and this proves it.   When asked about the possibility of Damon’s return, Brain Cashman put it as eloquently and as elegantly as only he could:  “His abilities exceed the money that I have.”

Instead, the Yankees have signed Randy Winn, late of the San Francisco Giants.  Let’s compare the two:  Winn is 35, Damon is 36.  Winn can play left and center fields pretty well; Damon no longer can.  Damon can usually get to the ball, but his arm is a huge liability, and every third base coach in both leagues knows it.  What the Yankees will miss about Johnny Damon is his offense.  Randy Winn is a so-so hitter at best.  Damon on the other hand, is a great number 2 hitter in the lineup.  He gets on base, and he has some power, especially being a lefty in Yankee Stadium.  He can still steal you a base (or two if no one’s watching third base and it’s October and the World Series is on the line).  He is a clutch hitter plain and simple, though he is aging and banged up.

I hope Randy Winn has a great year for the Yankees, and contributes to their 28th world title.  But he won’t make me forget Damon any time soon.  I will miss Johnny Damon.

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