Arenas and Crittenton Suspended

NBA Commisioner David Stern announced the suspension of Gilbert Arenas and Jarvis Crittenton of the Washington Wizards over the recent incident in the locker room that saw the two athletes draw their guns on each other.  The two have been suspended without pay for the rest of the season.  Arenas pleaded guilty Jan. 15 to a felony gun charge after the confrontation with Crittenton at the Verizon Center. 

Now, I know that Arenas is in the second year of a six year, $111 million contract.  He stands to lose about $147,000 per game for the 38 or so games that the Wizards have remaining this season.  And yes, that is a lot of money to lose.  But there’s more here than simply a violation of NBA regulations.  I mean, what kind of an environment exists in the NBA where there’s even the necessity for a regulation like that?  Do other sports have a “no guns in the locker room” rule?  (Really, I don’t know – do they?)  I can’t wait to see what kind of sentence, if any, is imposed by the courts on these two morons.  If you ask me, they belong in the cell next to Plaxico Burress, and for a much longer time.  Burress certainly deserved what he got for carrying a gun around with him, but at least he didn’t point it at anyone…other than himself…by accident.

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