A-Rod and Madonna, Part 2? Nooo!!!!!

Us Weekly magazine is reporting that Madonna spent the weekend of Jan 16 at A-Rod’s house up in Westchester, NY.  The ex(?)-couple broke up over a year ago, but have supposedly “stayed in touch”.   A-Rod dated actress Kate Hudson during that time, as anyone who watched even a single Yankee game last season can tell you.  Supposedly Kate and the Yankee wives got along well.  Probably not so much for Madonna.

Here’s an interesting tidbit:  In 2009, while dating Kate Hudson, A-Rod hit in the clutch the entire regular season, and then, if you can imagine, he got even hotter in the post season and led the Yankees to their first World Series title since 2000 when they beat that other pathetic excuse for a baseball team that calls New York home.  In 2008, while dating Madonna, his numbers were just as good statistcally, but those homers and RBIs invariably came when they couldn’t make less of a difference in the outcome of any one game, and with ducks on the pond, they were more likely to drown than score.  Not to mention the photos of him kissing himself in the mirror and all that other crap.

So, not only do I hope he gets back with Kate so that we can win another Series, but I’m wondering if maybe Madonna isn’t a secret card-carrying member of Redsox Nation sent back here to mess with our guy’s head.  Maybe we should do something like that to them.  Let’s see, who can we get to turn the heads of Kevin Useless and Big Poopy?  Maybe Chuck Knoblauch will come out of retirement and take one for the team…  Go ask him and let me know what he says.

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